Landscape architecture

We create gardens, we create beauty... It is our delight, it is our path
It all started many years ago with our passion for the art of bonsai, hence it´s no wonder that we fell in love with the spirit and magic of japanese gardens We are direct importers of shaped garden trees and other garden and bonsai accesories from Japan and China. Therefore, we are able to assure that your garden will gain a unique and original feeling of the oriental countries.
However, we live in the western world and our tastes regarding landscape architecture might differ a lot: we are open to accept projects for any other style of garden providing you a complex scale of garden services to guarantee your maximum satisfaction.

Why choose our company? Let yourself be inspired!

Shaped garden trees

One of the dominating features of every Japanese garden is the solitary garden trees in cloud-shaped form, or so called „garden bonsai trees“. We are one of the very few importers of these garden jewels directly from Japan: we select in person the very best specimens from certified japanese nurseries and thanks to our long-time dedication to cultivating bonsai trees, both native and imported species, we can supply the trees with the best characteristics.

Why purchase a garden tree from our selection?

DIRECT IMPORTATION from Japan, guarantee of a HEALTHY and TOP-CLASS tree
PROFESSIONAL SERVICE : each and every tree is treated as a unique bonsai tree meaning we approach these particular trees not only as gardeners or traders, but in the first place as BONSAI ARTISTS (see our main bonsai presentation at -
• service in the first year after purchase FREE OF CHARGE
CUSTOM-MADE SELECTION of a shaped garden tree for your garden: tell us your requirements regarding features, height or price limit for the tree and we will find in Japan precisely what you are looking for!

Garden ponds

Trees, stones....and water!
Three integral parts of any Japanese garden. Either natural pond, swimming pond or the combination of both, we will design its aesthetic look as well as its technological parameters. Let your garden saturate with the sound of streaming water!

Why purchase a garden pond from our selection?

• design of TECHNOLOGICAL suitable for the selected type of pond according to your preferences
• professional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of STONES
• service and pre-winter maintainance of the pond in the first year after its construction FREE OF CHARGE



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